SPK Members

SPK has currently 34 members, out of whose 14 are small enterprises, 2 medium-sized companies and 8 large enterprises. The rest are schools, educational, advisory and research institutions.



1.   arburg squarelogo


ARBURG is a family owned company being one of the world’s leading manufacturers of high-end injection moulding machines for plastics processing with a clamping force ranging from 125 to 6.500 kN. The entire production of all ARBURG machines takes place exclusively at the ARBURG parent factory located in Lossburg. Around 2,650 employees currently work in Germany, with another 550 employed at a total of 34 locations in ARBURG’s organisations around the world in more than 70 countries.
In 1996 dealership for both the Czech Republic and the Slovak Republic was establised, namely in Brno and Martin, with currently 39 employees providing a wide range of customer services, including complex automation projects and application engineering consulting.
There can be pre- and aftersales support found in Martin as well as a service department, a spare parts warehouse and  a showroom for mold testing, training and consulting.


Brose Prievidza, spol. s r.o., Prievidza


We have been on the front lines helping to shape the future of the automobile for over a century. Our products enhance vehicle comfort, safety and efficiency. Brose makes sure of this by investing eight percent of its revenue in research and development. About 26,000 employees work for Brose at 62 locations in 23 countries and generate

6,3 billion euros in turnover. Whether lightweight design, electronically commutated motors or door and seat systems: a wide range of patents underscores the innovative strength of our international, interdisciplinary teams.


CASPRO s.r.o., Košice


Since the very start in 2002, Caspro has been specialized in deliveries of a specific materials and equipment, especially for plastic processing companies, but also for other industries. In the field of material deliveries, we supply metalized PET film. In the field of machinery and equipment deliveries, we are trying to continuously expand our assortment, in order to provide a complex product assortment for injection moulding, extruding and other plants, either in plastic processing industry, or other industries, including food and pharmaceutics. We supply both production machines and their components, and wide range of peripherals, for material transport, cooling, filtration, dosing and blending, drying etc. We also provide service for delivered machinery, and perform regenerations of extruders. Our experience enables us to offer custom-designed solutions according to specific customer's individual needs. For this purpose, also the choice of machinery suppliers is adopted. We represent renowned suppliers of machineries in Slovak, Czech and Hungary market. These suppliers can adopt their solutions just according mentioned individual needs. Our ambition is to be the solid and reliable partner, offering quality and complex solutions for customers, leading to his full satisfaction. Machines and equipment for plastics processing and industry: dosing systems for granulate and powder, vacuum and pressurized pneumatic transport, material and dust separators, storage silos, screw conveyors, weighing systems, dryers, screws and barrels new and refurbished, cooling and tempering units, screen changers, static mixers PROMIX, pressure and temperature sensors, hot runner controllers. Homogenization and compounding extrusion lines XINDA. Flow meters for fluids, level measurement of bulk solids and liquids, data display units. Other products: teflon tapes, metallized film with PE layer.

4.   desk logo

DE-SK,s.r.o. Sad SNP 8, 010 01 Žilina


The company DE-SK, s.r.o. was established in 2010 and is a purely Slovak company. The newly established production plant, which is based in Lučenec, deals with plastic products.
The main activity of the company is the processing of plastics with injection technology.
The company DE-SK, s.r.o. At present, it is the only one in Slovakia to produce rodent control and disinfections traps made of plastic.

Such as plastic light glue traps based on UV-A light. The supplementary goods also offer replacement adhesive sheets as well as replacement fluorescent lamps with UV-A light. As needed, we adjust different types of lamps to meet the principle of catching insects.

Another type of plastic product is a professional plastic rodent control station for catching mouse and crawling insects. We produce three types according to use:

  • Type - 01A Basic - monitoring
  • Type - 01B Nutrient - capture of live mouse
  • Type - 01C Electronic - immediate signalling

With the use of the capacity of injection moulding machines, it is possible to increase the volume of this production and thus also the company DE-SK, s.r.o. is ready to offer its capacities to other companies for long-term cooperation. It will also constantly apply a process of continuous improvement. It will monitor production and non-production processes using modern management methods. It uses methods, means and procedures that lead to the reduction of negative impacts on the environment as well as on the population.
The products have functional links to the area: food and beverage production, healthcare, trade, sanitary facilities and wherever the environment needs to be protected. In front of pests, especially food and agricultural plants, production halls with a high standard of hygiene and the like.


ENVIROCARE, s.r.o., Nitra


ENVIROCARE s.r.o. is eligible to conduct research and development according to law for organization of public support of research and development and license of Slovak Ministry of Education, Research and Sport. Since its founding in 2012 have the activities of the company been focused on support of collaboration between top experts in research, development and processing of polymer materials, creation of own program of development and technology of processing of polymer mixtures and hybrid materials using renewable resources. The aim of the company is the transfer of technological results of scientific research in field of biodegradable plastics into the production environment and providing services of testing, laboratory measurements, mixture production, marketing and technical advisory. One of the very important activities is building cooperation with other institutions of basic research and development in the current field. The company has implemented Quality Management System in field of „Research and experimental development in natural and technical sciences“- certificate ISO 9001:2008.


ESOX, spol. s r.o., Uhorská Ves


ESOX-PLAST, spol. s r.o. is a dynamically developing company having a market share since 1994. We possess modern machinery and highly qualified human capital. The quality of all development and manufacturing processes is guaranteed by the quality certificate of compliance with ISO/TS 16949:2009. The main manufacturing programme is design and manufacture of pressing moulds and tools for technical mouldings and their serial production. The moulds manufactured in our company can have the maximum dimensions1000x750x700 mm and the weight of 5000 kg. In our own pressing shop we carry out plastic parts serial production with the clamping force of 250-6000 kN.
Esox became one of them founding members of Slovak Plastic Cluster in 2009.


Expedia s.r.o., Šamorín


Expedia s.r.o. specializes in additive manufacturing for various industries. Additive manufacturing technologies allow us to comply with any inquiry to manufacture from plastic, metal or rubber. Our services include:

  • · Prototyping
  • · Small to medium series production
  • · Reverse engineering and spare parts production
  • · Consulting in field of additive manufacturing
  • · Maintenance of 3D printers in our customers companies


Chemosvit Fibrochem, s.r.o., Svit


Chemosvit Fibrochem, s.r.o. is part of the Chemosvit Group. The main product is polypropylene yarn of the Prolen® brand, which Chemosvit Fibrochem has been producing since 1974. Prolen® yarn is used in agriculture, in the automotive, furniture and food industries worldwide, but mainly in the textile industry, where it has thanks to its extraordinary properties, such as lightness, thermal insulation, moisture wicking use in sportswear of various well-known brands. Thanks to constant innovations, the offer also includes a large number of highly specialized yarns, such as microfibers, hollow yarns, antimicrobial modified yarns with zinc and silver, yarns with UV protection, yarns with flame retardant treatment, yarns reducing the retention of ticks and many others. The latest product will be polypropylene yarns from recycled materials. In addition to Prolen® yarns, Chemosvit Fibrochem also manufactures biodegradable and biosourced yarns.
During the year 2020, Chemosvit Fibrochem started a production of Prolen® Medical textiles to help hospitals, healthcare facilities and retirement homes to prevent the transmission of infections and diseases caused by bacteria, virus and fungi. Prolen® Medical fabrics are made from certified Prolen® Siltex and Prolen® Bodyfresh yarns, which are permanently treated with an antimicrobial additive based on silver and zinc ions. Prolen® Medical fabrics have antiviral, antibacterial and antifungal properties.
Since 1997, Chemosvit Fibrochem, s.r.o. is also engaged in the production of socks, in which it mainly uses Prolen® yarns with its functional properties in combination with other types of fibers under its own brands Karpathia® and Folkies®.


IAC Group (Slovakia) s.r.o., Lozorno


IAC Group (Slovakia), s.r.o is a global supplier of interior and exterior automotive systems. Production and assembly plants of the company are situated in 21 European countries. The production plant in Lozorno is focused on production of interior parts for automotive. Its main activities consist of production and assembly of door and trunk systems, interior leather inserts. The company is certified with IS014001, ISO 9001 and ISO/TS16949.


ICOSA - prevádzkovateľ PlasticPortal.eu, Nitra


ICOSA runs the internet portal for plastics processing industry in Slovakia and Czech Republic called PlasticPortal.eu. The website has been active for 7 years now and concentrates information from the entire plastics industry in one place. It has more than 100.000 views a month. There can be found a catalogue with 600 companies, current polymer prices, news from the plastics processing industry, complete overview of seminars, line advertising, demands from the whole industry and professional plastics dictionary. Thanks to a high quality SEO optimization the portal reaches the top ranks in search engines. Apart from plastics industry information the portal provides access to legislation and norms regarding the introduction of products onto the market in Slovakia and EU. PlasticPortal.eu is available in Slovak, Czech and English version.


Injection and tooling Engineering s.r.o., Bratislava


Injection and tooling Engineering s.r.o. is an R&D company focused on development of injection tools and injection processes, improvement of internal production processes (Operations), leadership of injection process and tooling departments (Production management). The main focus of R&D is on development of injection processes and toolings for automotive interiors and exteriors products from 400 to 3200 ton clamping force (150 - 3800g), start up and definition of corrective actions, timing plans to reach the targeted cost and quality of the tools and products, adding of added value to tooling purchasing by definition of reasonable cost and timings. Main focus is on trainings of injection process development and tooling development (design, troubleshooting, DfM). Main focus of the Operations field is to decrease the cost of nonquality, downtimes and definition of the key characteristics of new tooling projects (tooling layout, number of cavities, clamping force definition, cycle time definition, material selection process).


JASPLASTIK - SK, spol. s.r.o., Matúškovo


JASPLASTIK-SK is one of the most important producers and suppliers of plastic parts and polystyrene products for electro-technical and automotive industries. The company had three co-founders as a subsidiary of Hungarian company Jász-Plasztik s.r.o. It has been certified with ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 since November 2002. In the years 2007 and 2008 the company was recognized by Samsung Slovakia as their best supplier and in 2008 it was given the recognition Excellent Supplier Award 2008 by Sony Slovakia. The company JASPLASTIK-SK focuses on plastics moulding and their subsequent treatment, production of expanded polystyrene (EPS), tampo-printing and assembly. The firm extended its production capacity with a plant in Industrial Park North in Nitra in 2016.


KB Components DKI s.r.o.


KB Components DKI s.r.o. offers complete solutions from the idea to the realization of the project using advanced plastic and engineering technologies. Within the polymer segment, we have the capabilities and know-how to improve a variety of techniques and materials.
Our company was founded in 1947 and we are proud that the experience we have is appreciated by our customers.
We have seen very positive developments over the last years and we have a strong foundation to face the future. What makes our company a reliable and responsible partner is our rich technical knowledge as well as our wide range of experience in various industries. Through natural growth and acquisitions, we have achieved a well-balanced product portfolio and customers.
Our strategy is based on Global Awareness, Technological Leadership / Manufacturing Excellence.


KMS-PT s.r.o., Prešov


The company KMS-PT has long-year experience with the production of forms for multi-component injection. The firm continues with the tradition of Ing. Jozef Kráľ - KM- SYSTÉM who started his business back in 1994 and KM-SYSTÉM s.r.o.. The company is active in field of plastics processing focused on injection process and provides following services: production and service of plastics injection forms up to 1200 kg, moulding of plastic products, multi-component moulding (incl. EPDM rubber), reverse engineering (scanning and creation of 3D models), sale and service of MITSUBISHI injection machines. It owns registered utility model for technology called Injection Blow Moulding which enables to use standard injection machine for production of hollow products. The company KMS-PT s.r.o. is certified with ISO 9001:2008. It is also certified by the Slovak Ministry of education to conduct research and development in plastics processing.


Knudsen Plast, s.r.o., Vranov nad Topľou


Knudsen Plast has more than 30 years of experience in field of plastics injection for healthcare industry where there are very high demands on tolerance and documentation. Its production runs in a clean and controlled environment. Apart from the main segment – healthcare it offers services and capacities to customers from other industries with demands on high quality production. The Slovak subsidiary Knudsen Plast was established in 2007 in order to transfer part of the production from Denmark. The remaining production in Denmark mostly focuses on innovation and research. Knudsen Plast s.r.o. offers high quality but low-cost production of plastic parts. It aims at gross production, assembly of parts including welding and printing. There are project and even local R&D departments.


Kovorob, s.r.o.,Stropkov


The company KOVOROB, s.r.o. aims at production of injection forms for thermoplastics and forms for bottle moulding. It specializes in production of forms in field of automotive, electro-technical and food processing industries, and health service. It has its own design agency. The firm delivers after-warranty service of forms, not only of its own production. It is Exclusive Distributor of normalized parts for forms and shearing tools of FCPK Bytów.


MAPRO SLOVAKIA, s.r.o., Orovnica


The company Mapro Slovakia was established in 2001. It sells Haitian injection moulding machines and fully-electric injection machines ZHAFIR VENUS which are produced in the new production plant situated 70 km from the Czech border in German Ebermannsdorf. Furthermore the company facilitates the sale of accessories for injection machines, production automatization, provides service and organizes trainings. In 2015 it was recognized as the „Reliable partner for public procurement“. In terms of automatization it focuses on the newest technology in field of plastics injection, six-axis robots, camera systems, vibratory feeders. The aim of the automatization services is to increase the machinery performance and to decrease the operation and maintenance costs. The company also provides education in field of plastics production in their training centre in Orovnica. The training consists of theoretical and practical preparation with the aim for the participants to get knowledge and practical skills in field of setup and control of the injection moulding machines, maintenance, plastics injection technology and robot control. Since September 2006 Mapro Slovakia provides expert guarantee for the accredited education programs in cooperation with the education-consulting company A-OMEGA, s.r.o.


OLEJÁRI s.r.o., Partizánska cesta 89, 974 01 Banská Bystrica


The company OLEJÁRI s.r.o. (OILERS) was established in 2012 as a distributor of oils and lubricants on the Slovak market, mainly in the industry. We currently represent all well-known and lesser-known brands operating on the European market in the field of oils, lubricants and industrial chemicals. For the mentioned products, we provide the necessary services and care to extend the life of individual products. Our team of certified tribotechnicians with many years of experiences will be happy to help solve any tribological problems . From our portfolio of suppliers, we can configure the right product for your application.
As our motto says: Lubricate with us.(namažte sa s nami )


Remarkplast compounding, s.r.o., Vráble


Remarkplast compounding, s.r.o. is a commercial company selling compounds, re-compound and granulates. Our company is certified according to the ISO 9001 and

ISO 14001 standards. To satisfy the requirements for various end products and their applications, we offer a wide range of polymeric materials that can be selected on the basis of the their costs and benefits. Our main product lines include series of compounds, re-compounds and regranulates. For our products we supply as standard material documentation, which contains the materials sheet, safety sheet and the certificate for each production batch. These products are subjected to strict checks by the accredited testing laboratory Testpolymer EU Ltd. Thanks to this cooperation, we are able to fulfil even the most demanding projects subject to strict requirements for quality.st compounding a.s., organizačná zložka, Vráble



SELEX INDUSTRIAL, s.r.o, Šamorín}


SELEX INDUSTRIAL, s.r.o. is a trade and service providing company based in Šamorín. It deals with consulting, sale and service of plastics processing machines using injection technology. The company is exclusive Sales Representative of Selex injection moulding machines produced by Woojin, Virginio Nastri – producer of belt conveyors and Frigosystem – producer of tempering and cooling machines. The company also provides warranty and after- warranty service for these machines and delivery of spare parts. Selex is also Exclusive Representative of company CRC Robert – supplier of mediums for forms maintenance and protection.


SG tec s.r.o.,Veľké Kozmálovce

SG tec s.r.o. was established in 2012  after many years of experiences,  in order to carry out the assembly of piping and steel structures in the food, beverage, automotive and pharmaceutical industries, mainly in the EU. Over time, the company has expanded its scope to include the production of technological units and supporting steel structures for the food and pharmaceutical industry. An important part of the company is its own forwarding service, which enables flexible and fast delivery of the work to the end customer and since 2018 SG tec has also put into operation a specialized production of individual injection molding parts from prototype tools. ISO9001: 2015, ISO14001: 2015, ISO3834-2, ISO1090-EXC2, BS OHSAS18001, 2014/68 / EU are implemented in all processes.


SimulPlast, s.r.o., Poprad


SimulPlast s.r.o. is a technique – consulting agency for producers and users of plastic parts specialised in field of plastics injection. Its usual clients are developers, designers and constructors of plastic parts, design engineers and producers of forms plastics processing companies. The firm has its offices in Czech Republic, in Slovakia and Hungary. In Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Bulgaria, Rumania it is Exclusive Sales Representative for sale and training of simulation software for plastics injection called Moldex3D. As the only company in region it provides 3D analysis of all form components. SimulPlast has long-year experience in field of polymer materials, design of plastic parts, manufacturing processes and form construction. The aim of its services is to decrease costs at plastic parts and form construction through the timely discovery of all defects in plastic parts and problems during the injection process before production itself. The company SimulPlast provides following professional services: computer and practical process optimization of plastics injection, audit of parts /forms, complex computer analysis and optimization of construction of plastic extrusions including material strength analysis, laboratory analysis of plastic parts defects, material consulting. The firm also organizes seminars for technologists and setters as well as for design engineers of plastic parts.

23  ShrinkTech logo.

SHRINKTECH s.r.o., Komárno


As an active group of companies in the whole Europe, we take our responsibilities seriously and based on this we also adjust our activities. The company Shrinktech was found as international company characterized by a significant expansion on the market just in the first years and local well-known brands have also become the part of group until now, so strong diversification of enterprises and foreign activities provide for our company the stability on the market.

We have more than 25-year experiences in the sector of plastic extruding and injecting, we continuously develop a new technologies, so today we also have enough experience with shaped soaking. Our manufactories are currently located in Slovakia, Hungary and we have packaging company in Romania. Our experts continuously work to improve the quality of our products and increase the level of our services.

Our goal is to achieve a long-term competitive advantage with excellent power to our competitors, which will be characterized in the future by satisfaction of our customers, high-quality products and competitive prices.

We continuously extend our range of products according to market requirements. There are currently six major groups of the products for electronics and unique products for other industries.

24.   TU KE SFAJ

Fakulty of Mechanical Engineering, Technical University of Košice


The Faculty of Mechanical Engineering is one of three founding faculties of the Technical University of Kosice. Over recent years it has developed into a recognized scientific and educational institution, both at home and abroad. The 22 study programs of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering belong to the Top 100 most promising study programs in the Slovak Republic with the largest graduate employment rate. The figure is based on the survey of the national project called Universities as Engines of the Knowledge Society. In 90% of study programs offered by the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering the students can obtain motivational scholarships. The Faculty of Mechanical Engineering offers courses in the unique study programs supported by the latest information technologies and computer support tools in the design and technological preparation of production. The Faculty has state-of-the-art equipment of laboratories, lecture halls and computer laboratories with the most modern software package and the use of high technologies. The bachelor degree studies include foreign language courses. Linking theoretical knowledge with practice is provided in the form of professional trainings and excursions in engineering and automotive companies.

TU Kosice

Technická univerzita v Košiciach
Fakulta výrobných technológií Technickej univerzity v Košiciach so sídlom v Prešove
Bayerova 1, 080 01 Prešov, Slovenská republika
Web: https://www.fvt.tuke.sk/

The Faculty of Manufacturing Technologies is one of the nine faculties of the Technical University of Košice, one of the leading higher education institutions in the Slovak Republic. The faculty consists of 3 institutes and six departments. The faculty has two main buildings at its disposal, in which theoretical and practical teaching takes place and two student dormitories. We guarantee study programs at all three levels of study. We have the right to habilitation and inauguration proceedings in the field of study of Mechanical Engineering. We constantly monitor the needs of industry and practice and thus allow us, students, at least three months of experience associated with elaborating their final work in the company. Students are joined with practice, and not only in the Slovak Republic. They have the opportunity to participate in the SPICE project (Student Program of Integrated Corporate Education). It is a joint project of the Association of the Automotive Industry of the Slovak Republic and the national development project AZU.sk. The opportunity to involve students in project activities is our priority. The internationalization of education provides a wide range of employment opportunities for Slovak and international students in EU countries. The faculty has modern laboratories focused on Industry 4.0 and supports the idea of a "Faculty of Future". In addition to theoretical knowledge, students also have the opportunity to gain practical experience from several highly specialized laboratories on the campus.


The Faculty of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Zilina


University of Žilina has been one of the leading educational and scientific institutions in Slovakia for more than sixty years. Its rich tradition occupies a significant place among Slovak universities, not only for the number of students, offering interesting and quality study programs, but also, in particular, significant research and foreign activities. The current university is no longer geared only to transport and communications. It is a broadly conceived university centered on Slovak affairs in an unique university campus on the Veľký Diel. It has seven faculties and eight institutes. In 2013, the Ministry of Education of Science, Research and Sports of the Slovak republic approved project proposals for the construction of the Research Center and the University Science Park, which create unique conditions for the university's research and development activities and the successful transfer of new knowledge and technologies into practice. The university currently has nearly 9 000 students in its seven faculties together in more than 230 accredited study programs in all forms and levels of university studies. In the field of science and research, the University of Žilina is involved in the solution of 200 domestic and 41 foreign scientific projects and annually organizes approximately 60 scientific and professional events. The results of the University's scientific research activity have a major impact not only on educational activity but also on the development of international cooperation or the linkage with practice. One of the proofs of the successful transfer of research and development results into practice is the Technology Transfer Award for the College of Engineers at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering of the University of Žilina.



Slovak Technical University, Bratislava


Orientation of the Faculty of Materials Science and Technology in Trnava aimed at train-ing university graduates for a wide scale of industrial and machine production. In year 2008 Faculty became an awarded finalist of the Slovak Republic National Quality Award 2008 in the category „other public sector organizations“. Tthe faculty was accredited in the proccess of the Slovak republic academic institutions complex accreditation as university faculty of university type academic institution. The STU Faculty of Materials Science and Technology in Trnava, in compliance with the STU vision, intends to be a research orient-ed and internationally renowned faculty within the similar faculties framework, i.e. facul-ties developing modern trends in research and industrial production with focus on pro-gressive materials, sophisticated production technologies and industrial management, automation and IT implementation of production and technological processes such as quality, safety, environmental and managerial aspects of industrial production.

The Faculty of Chemical and Food Technology of Slovak Technical University in Bratislava Radlinského 9, 812 37 Bratislava


The Faculty of Chemical and Food Technology (FCHPT STU) is one seven faculties of Slovak Technical University. Since many years it has been recognized as the best technical faculty in Slovakia. The history of the faculty goes back to 1940/41 when the first academic year started for 5 external teachers and 100 students at the Department of chemical-technological engineering. Based on the legislation from 1950 the department changed into a separate Chemical faculty of Slovak Technical College.
The FCHPT STU has a very special place in the Slovak university school system. As the only faculty provides complete university education based on high quality of chemical engineering and theory of natural sciences. It educates engineers for all chemical and food processing industries in the country. FCHPT offers wide range of study programs at Bachelor, Master and Doctorate level as well as further education courses including the University of Third Age.
The Faculty is actively engaged in significant frame projects in the EU, projects covered by European Structural Funds and national science projects financed by agencies VEGA, KEGA a VA. One of the most significant and recognized factor of scientific research at the Faculty is the close cooperation with industry and commercial businesses.


Slovnaft, a. s., Bratislava


SLOVNAFT, a.s. based in Bratislava is refinery-petrochemical company with yearly oil processing of 5.5-6 million ton. The company produces, stores and distributes oil products in wholesale market. It also has the largest retail chain in Slovakia aimed at sale of motor fuels and lubricants, and provides wide range of services to drivers and car owners. In 2000 the company MOL Nyrt became strategic partner of Slovnaft. Since 2004 SLOVNAFT, a.s. has been member of the most significant Central European petrochemical group MOL. The petrochemical division of MOL Group connects new manufacturing capacities and expanded product portfolio of Slovnaft and MOL Petrochemicals. Slovnaft can deliver 1.2 million ton of polyethylene and polypropylene a year onto the European market which makes it one of the largest polyolefin granulate producers.

28.   TechnodatLog

TECHNODAT, CAE-systémy, spol. s.r.o.


„We are a digital PLM experience company.“
TECHNODAT provides software solutions to enable our customers create a digital PLM experience. With respect for people and nature, we are determined to change the way we create products to a sustainable way and we have the courage to focus on making this change happen. We achieve our goal by combining the best knowledge and experience of people with the best digital technologies to deliver a digital innovation experience.
We are a proud partner of Dassault Systemes, whose mission is to achieve a new model of development that addresses the major challenges facing the world today. The goal is to provide businesses and people with a 3DEXPERIENCE platform capable of harmonizing product, nature and life.


TRK SOPK Trenčín


The Slovak Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SCCI) was established through legislation act. Members of SCCI can be legal and natural persons operating in the sectors of the economy or are focused on the relationships with business. SCCI serves as the authorized body to issue certifications of facts important in the legal relations created in the international trade. SCCI even issues unified customs document - karnet ATA which enables temporary export based on the liability of SCCI. The holder does not need to compose a customs debt and pay fees in the country of destination. SCCI verifies other documents such as commercial invoices and trade contracts. The Chamber also issues the confirmations of “vis maior” events which prevent the fulfilment of international trade contracts. SCCI helps businesses to penetrate foreign markets, advises them how to sell goods or services in the most effective way, helps to search for new markets, organizes seminars and professional events about current problems of business and issues expert publications.
SCCI also supports businesses in solution of trade disputes and provides service of permanent Court of Arbitration.

30.   ulstrup plast a s logo

Ulstrup Plast s.r.o.


Company description

Injection molding, assembly a ultrasonic welding , production tools - consultancy at development

Ulstrup Plast s.r.o. is a member groups SP Group A/S


ISO 14001, ISO 9001

Assortment / Services

  • agriculture - spraying systems machine , manual
  • healthcare - devices on the analysis blood , products for gynecology
  • construction - insulating systems for roofs , drainage system , floor heating
  • measuring technique - products for gas meters , analyzers water , water meters
  • automotive - accessories for pickup vehicles

Machinery equipment :

  • Injection machines with a tonnage of 25-550 tons (Arburg and Engel) with 3 axes implemented robots or with robotics workplaces with 6 axes robots
  • Vertical injection press Arburg
  • Injection multi- component presses pressings
  • Ultrasonic machines Rinco Ultrasonic 3000 Dynamic and 745 Standard
  • Tampoprint
  • Heating room for the release internal tension plastic parts
  • Machines on the mechanical machining plastic parts : lathes , milling machine , CNC mini milling machine with CAD/CAM software , stand and table drills , thread cutters , etc.

Measuring devices :

  • Optical 3D device DeMeeth 400
  • Profile projector Mitutoyo
  • Microscopes
  • Depth gauges
  • Sliding gauges with option direct communication with the computer
  • Sparové scales
  • Coordinate measuring machine Wenzel Smart CMM ( measuring range : 500 x 450 x 400)


Slovak Academy of Sciences, Bratislava


Polymer laboratory founded by Dr. Milan Lazár between years 1962-1963 prepared soil for the foundation of Polymer Institute of Slovak Academy of Sciences (SAV) in 1967. The Polymer Institute of SAV is the main body in scientific research in field of polymers as a part of chemical research of Slovak Academy of Sciences. Currently the Polymer Institute of SAV is a significant scientific and education centre for basic and applied research in today's field of polymer chemistry. The Institute is aimed at 4 research fields: synthesis and characterization of polymers, composite polymer materials, polymer biomaterials and molecular simulations of polymers.


Wittmann Battenfeld SK spol. s r.o., Trenčín


Company Wittmann Battenfeld SK spol. s r.o. is the daughter company of Austrian family company Wittmann Kunststoffgeräte GmbH, which is a producer of complete spectrum of goods for plastic industry, especially for the injection molding. Wittmann concern produces flowmeteres, thermo control units, cooling devices, systems for the drying and material conveying as a local or central units, blenders, granulators, robots (manipulators), sprue pickers, IML systems and of course injection molding machines (horizontal from 5 to 2000t, vertical from 40 to 270t).
Production plants are in Austria (Wien – robots, TCU´s, Dryers and material conveying, Kottingbrunn – injection molding machines), in Hungary (small robots, IMM preassembly), France (granulators), etc.
Slovak subsidiary provides the services for Slovak customers in term of sales, spare parts and service of the Wittmann and Wittmann Battenfeld products. Company provides also the automation systems, developed and produced by Wittmann Battenfeld CZ spol. s r.o. – Czech subsidiary. Czech and Slovak subsidiary cooperate very close to bring maximum of benefits to customers.



Carl Zeiss Slovakia, s. r. o. is an internationally operating leading technology company in the field of optics and optoelectronics. It develops and distributes semiconductor manufacturing equipment, measurement technology, microscopes, medical technology, spectacle lenses, lenses for cameras and sports optics. The company's solutions are constantly advancing the world of optics and helping to shape technological progress.

ZEISS Industrial Quality Solutions

The Industrial Metrology Division is a leading manufacturer of metrological solutions. These include coordinate measuring machines, optical and multisensor systems as well as metrological software for the automotive, aerospace, engineering, plastics and medical industries. Innovative technologies such as 3D X-ray metrology for quality control complement our product portfolio.

Our portfolio of products and services:

  • Coordinate measuring machines
  • Optical metrology
  • X-Ray systems
  • Industrial microscopy
  • Non-destructive testing
  • CMM solutions
  • Clamping jigs
  • Automated solutions
  • ZEISS original accessories
  • Software solutions for various applications
  • Service and application services


ZEISS Quality Excellence Center Trnava

One of the best equipped commercial measuring centers in Slovakia and the Czech Republic within the framework of custom programming and measurement offers:

  • 3D measurements
  • Preparation of off-line measurement programs, on-site customer support
  • 3D scanning
  • CT measurement (dimensional analyzes, defectoscopy, material porosity, wall thickness analysis)
  • Gear measurement
  • Optical and laser measurements
  • Reverse engineering and 3D digitization of surfaces
  • Software and Metrological training - AUKOM (internationally recognized education in the field of 3D metrology from production operators to quality managers)


ZKW Slovakia s.r.o., Krušovce


ZKW Slovakia is group member of Zízala Lichtsysteme Wieselburg based in Austria. The group belongs to significant producers and suppliers of lighting systems for automobiles. The group history spans back to 1938, in Slovakia it has been active since 2006. Its production process consists of: plastics injection (injection moulding machines Engel 50-650t), plastic surface finishing – aluminium plating (equipment from Arzuffi), automatic line for paint curing of plastics + UV radiation and assembly lines (single purpose equipment – production lines controlled by Siemens Simatic system). A new centre for development of new lighting systems was established in 2010 where they develop new products not only modify the existing ones.


Duálna akadémia z.z.p.o.


The Dual Academy is a modern, fully equipped training center that offers a friendly environment and individual approach of trainers with long-term experience.

It places maximum emphasis on real requirements from practice, for the greatest possible degree of participation in the labor market.

Dual Academy provides technical and vocational education for adults https://dualnaakademia.sk/courses-dualna-academy/, retraining, dual and traditional vocational education in 6 study, 4 vocational and 3 postgraduate courses.

You can view classroom spaces in our virtual tour http://bit.ly/2u6ttBq.

36. Súkromná SOŠ automobilová Duálna akadémia 


37. Spojená škola, Púchov


38. SOŠ technická, Bratislava


39. SOŠ Nováky


The associated school in Nováky has two organizational units - Nováky Grammar School and Nováky Secondary Technical School. Historically, the school was established by a combination of grammar schools and two secondary schools - the Central Industrial Chemistry School in Nováky and the Secondary Technical School in Nováky.
The school provides comprehensive and complete vocational education for pupils in the various fields of study: 28 - technical and applied chemistry,
29 - food,
24 - mechanical engineering and other metal - working
26- Electrical Engineering.
In addition to elementary school pupils, the school also teaches adults and provides post-secondary specialization studies for chemical and other chemistry graduates in 28-technical and applied chemistry. Organizational unit The Nováky Secondary School is involved in the dual education system. The School is the Centre for Vocational Education and Training for Technical and Applied Chemistry and the Centre for Vocational Education and Training for the Study Department of Biotechnology and Pharmacology. He has been preparing pupils for various competitions, secondary technical work and is the organizer of the regional rounds of the Chemical Olympiads and the all-Czech rounds in all categories. Students can study classes at school for focused on sports especially water sports and football.


40. Stredná odborná škola Agropotravinárska a technická



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