Membership requirements

The SPK member can become according to Appendix no. 1 to Statutes from the 25th of March 2010 each artificial person which applies for membership through the submission of filled in application form and pays the membership fee for the current year.

The member fee depends on the category of enterprise – there are 3 categories according to following criteria:

  1. small enterprise less than 24 employees or less than 1,0 mil. € turnover
  2. medium enterprise- between 25 and 100 employees or turnover between 1,1 - 4,4 mil. €
  3. large enterprise– more than 100 employees or more than 4,4 mil. € turnover

Membership fee amount is stated on following levels:

small enterprise = 600 

medium enterprise = 840 € 

large enterprise = 1 800 € 

One of the criteria to assign to a category must apply (number of employees or yearly turnover).

The schools and universities are exempt from paying membership fees.

The membership fee level and due date for its payment are approved by the general assembly.


You can apply to become SPK member here

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