Project „Biodegradable materials“ and their processing

The procekt was supported by the Ministry of Education, science, research and sport of Slovak Republic

There it is going on testing of suitable processing of biodegradable material invented in laboratory environment using a technology of injection moulding and preparation of material for performance tests within the transfer of research outputs into practice. The co-authors of this project are Institute of Polymer of Slovak Academy of Science and the Institute of polymer materials of Faculty of chemical and food technology of STUBA. It is going on a brand new biodegradable material – based on renewable resources, it is fully biodegradable. Compared to similar materials it has much better mechanical attributes – above all, high flexibility and tenacity.

Thanks to these attributes it has high application potential, above all in packaging technology for thin-walled products (foils, crucibles) as well as for the thick-walled packages and packaging features (bottles, bottle closures). This material has potential to become a real ecologic substitute for so called petroleum plastics mainly in packaging technology which would significantly contribute to the complex protection of environment. 

This research project was awarded by Golden medal at the Taipei International Invention Show 2012. 




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