SPK offers interesting training for companies in the range of 5 hours a day. Do you not believe that you can learn something through training in the range of 5 hours? So you have to try it with us, as several companies have already tried it during the project.

We implement the Innovation training in the company environment, with a minimum number of 6 and a maximum number of 9 participants. A company can choose from several modules and participants receive training material (all modules) in e-form (216-page Handbook, 72-page booklet - Practical exercises). You will also get one set of card game, developed exclusively for this type of training. You can then play the card game in the company and use it for various types of internal training, work meetings, etc. As part of the training, an online tool for evaluating the situation in your company's innovation management field will also be presented. Depending on which area of the company turns out to be the least developed, a training offer can be prepared for it. Each training is precisely directed to one (or two) modules that are most necessary for the company.

TARGET GROUP: employees from the department of development, production (technologists), control, logistics, economic department, and the highest top management is also welcome as well as employees from human resources who participate or could participate in the innovation process in the company.

Representation of employees from various departments, united by work on the development of innovations, is a guarantee of quality training.

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COS-CLUSINT-2019-3-01 - Percy - International Cluster Cooperation for Recycling of Polymers

PERCY is an acronym for the European project of a consortium of four European clusters aiming to cooperate in the recycling of polymers. Collaborating clusters are located in Denmark, France, Germany, and Slovakia - Slovak Plastics Cluster (SPK).

Within the project consortium, SPK actively cooperated in the development of international partnerships with relevant clusters and enterprises in the target countries – the USA, Canada, India, and Israel. The consortium considers formalized cooperation with these target countries and the creation of business networks necessary to create a platform for small and medium-sized enterprises that are members of the relevant cluster.

The aforementioned partnerships with target countries are formalized by signing a Memorandum of Understanding. In the first half of 2022, three missions were organized, namely in India, Canada, and the USA, and one virtual one with Israel. Several Memoranda of Understanding were signed during the missions:

  • 6 in India
  • 3 in Canada
  • 1 in the USA
  • 1 in Israel

Organizations with which the PERCY partnership has signed the Memoranda of Understanding might be of potential interest to SMEs, Associations, Research organizations, Universities, and Experts in the field.

Find more information here: (TU)

InCluNet - Supporting Networking of Organizations in the Plastics Processing and Allied Industries - ITMS2014+: 313012ANZ6




 From September 2022, SPK together with the service supplier started an information campaign on the creation of the Expert database. The database of experts will serve companies that need to launch a new project or innovation. For these processes, however, they need an expert from new areas, which they cannot provide with their own employees. Experts and technicians are registered in the Database, offering their experience and skills from various areas of plastic processing and related industries. For now, take advantage of this free option and be the first to register in our database.

This product is designed in a completelydifferent method than all the job portals where people search for jobs and provide a resume. In our database, experts offer their skills, knowledge, experience, and their own potential suitable for the plastics industry and its related industries.

If you feel that you are experienced in this field and are interested in providing your knowledge and skills for innovative projects of employers and at the same time you want to keep learning new things, then you are the right person whose registration in the database should not be missing.

Check the database here:

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