One of the longterm goals of SPK is quality improvement ofeducation system, integration of new knowledge from the industry into the learning plans and promotion of vocational education in the study programmes designed for plastics industrys.

Project “Improvement of Vocational Education in field of Injection Moulding“ (EDMOULD)

The project was supported from the Leonardo da Vinci programme and designedby the National Agency for Lifelong learning programme as a „Best Practices“ programme. During the European Business Forum on Vocational Training our project was declared by the European Committeeone of the 11 most successful projects presented on this forum.

The main project output was the education programmerecognized by the national accreditation in Slovak Republicas a modular educationprogrammenamed „Setup of injection moulding maschines“ in the range of 156 hours.

Advantage for the SPK members:

This educationis the only one accredited programme for plastics industry in Slovakia (there is a possibilityto apply for EU or UPSVAR funding in order to organize and perform training). We are trying to provide a lower price for SPK members.

Within the project there was also a learning book created for this education programme. It is going on the only one complex book on the Slovak professional book marketthat comprises terminology and describes the theory on practical examples from plastics processing.

The bookBasics of plastics injection technology, 302 pages, is currently being sold. It serves for preparation of future or current setupers of injection moulding machinesand moreover as vocational guide for technologists and professionals in plastics processing. The initiave to publish such book comes from SPK members who were interested in its purchase also without getting their employees trained therefore the SPK approached to publish this book as a separate product.

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